Thank you for your interest in leaving a will to the Pro Life Care organisation.

How a gift in your will can make a difference
We rely overwhelmingly on donations from our members to carry out our work. We don’t have the backing of Big Unions or Big Business. That’s one reason we’re independent and able to speak our minds and represent ordinary people. By leaving a gift to us, you can allow us to be bolder in our aims, safe in the knowledge that funds will be there in the years to come.

A gift in your will could help us to plan, grow, and sustain our long-term development without compromising our ability to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances.

Every gift makes a difference. Whatever the amount, your gift will help us meet the most pressing needs the future brings to the Pro Life Care organisation.

We are extremely grateful for every gift we receive. We make sure that everyone who leaves the cause a legacy is remembered and honoured.

Leaving a legacy must be done either as part of creating your will or as an amendment (codicil) to an existing one. Choose from one of the options below to see what you should do to leave a gift.

“I do not have a will”
If you have not already made a will, we would recommend that you contact a solicitor to help you through this process. You may be entitled to free will writing services if you are disabled or over 70 years old. Alternatively, we would be pleased to help you in writing a will. Please contact your solicitor, or contact us.

“I already have a will
If you have already made a will, leaving a legacy to Pro Life Care is even simpler. You can add a ‘Codicil Form’ to your will in order to make the necessary amendment. Just click HERE for a copy of the form.

If you have already left a legacy in your will to Pro Life Care please let us know by emailing legacy@prolifecare.com or writing to The Treasurer, PO Box 264, Newtownards, BT23 9DR. It would be helpful if you could also send us a copy of your Will, but this is not essential in the first instance – the important thing is to ensure that we are aware of your wishes so that we can help ensure that they are fulfilled when the time comes.

Below you will see three different types of legacy which could be included in any will you make.  Additionally, we recommend including the paragraph at the end of this page as well, as it will make sure your final wishes are fully met.

1. Residuary legacy
What does it mean? This is a gift of the remainder or percentage of your estate after all other legacies have been made and debts cleared.

Residuary legacies are an effective way to divide the value of an estate between a number of people and causes that are important to you.

Suggested wording: “I GIVE the whole of my estate or X per cent of the residue of my estate after payment of my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and all legacies given by this my will or any codicil hereto and all inheritance tax payable upon or by reason of my demise to my [Executor(s)/Trustees] UPON TRUST for Pro Life Care of PO Box 264, Newtownards, BT23 9DR.”

2.  Pecuniary legacy
What does it mean? A gift of a fixed sum of money.

Suggested wording:  “I GIVE to the Pro Life Care of PO Box 264, Newtownards, BT23 9DR, the sum of XX pounds [sum in words] £XX [sum in figures] free of Inheritance Tax for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my [Executor(s)/Trustees].”

3.  Specific legacy
What does it mean? A particular named item left as a gift in your Will is known as a specific legacy, for example, a piece of jewellery or a house.

Suggested wording: “I GIVE to the Pro Life Care of PO Box 264, Newtownards, BT23 9DR, the sum which has the same value at my death as  XX pounds [sum in words] £XX [sum in figures] has at the date of this Will to be calculated by my Trustees having regard to the Retail Prices Index in the month in which this my will is executed and in the month of my death having regard to any re-basing of the Index which might have occurred in the meantime free of Inheritance Tax for its general purposes. I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my [Executor(s)/Trustees].”

Recommended Additional Paragraph

If you decide to remember Pro Life Care in your will we also recommend taking the following paragraph to your solicitor. It is important that the following clause is included in your will, whichever type you choose:

“If at my death any charity or organisation named as a beneficiary in this will or any Codicil hereto has changed its name, amalgamated with or transferred its assets to another body, or changed its address, then my executors shall give effect to any gift made to such charity or organisation as if it had been made (in the first case) to the body in its changed name or (in the second place) to the body which results from such amalgamation or to which such transfer has been made or (in the third case) to the organisation based at their new address.”

While we certainly do no intend to change our name, one can never tell what the future might bring, but whatever happens, we’ll still be here in some form or another, fighting for the unborn, so please help us to do so, even after you are gone