FAQ: I have had an abortion

I have had an abortion

For some women, abortion is something they feel they have come to terms with, but for others they feel that it is a painful part of their lives – something that affects them deeply, even if they felt they were making the right decision at the time.

If this is you, support is available. If you had an abortion recently or a long time ago, you may initially have felt relief but now feel numb or be experiencing emotions like guilt, grief or anger. Coupled with that, you may also find it difficult to be near other babies or pregnant women. Or find it hard to sleep without having disturbing dreams. Or be preoccupied with the whole experience. These kind of feelings are common following an abortion.


Post-abortion stress has been recognized as a distinct set of symptoms. As well as the above, you may have experienced other symptoms such as:

– Feeling the need to ‘replace’ the baby.
– A feeling of distance from or over-protectiveness of existing children.
– Inability to maintain normal routine.
– Depressed feelings stronger than ‘a little sadness’.
– Sleeping problems.
– An overwhelming sense of guilt
– Flashbacks.
– Tearfulness.
– Relationship tensions or breakdown resulting from the abortion.

If you had an abortion a long time ago, maybe you have experienced something in your life recently that has brought it all back again for you and you’re finding it hard to shake off as you did before.

Please get in touch with us, as we either can help to counsel you or can signpost you to a professional, caring organisation that can provide the support you need