FAQ: I am pregnant and unsure what to do now

I am pregnant and unsure what to do now

Some people for various reasons, when they find out they are pregnant, wish that they weren’t. Some believe that their family situation is not conducive to raising a child – others face financial hardships and other problems.

Your feelings may be overwhelming at the moment. Talking to someone about your feelings can help, especially if you haven’t told anyone about your pregnancy. It may feel very urgent to ‘do something’ right now. Take time to think through the options clearly so that you make an informed decision.

Partners and family members can be supportive but it helps to talk to someone outside your situation who isn’t caught up in the emotion of what some call an ‘unplanned pregnancy’.

A supportive person is someone who listens, understands your feelings, gives you time and space to talk things through and helps you consider things you haven’t thought about.

One thing to remember – any decision about your pregnancy now involves at least 2 people – you and your child. Pregnancy is not a disease, it is the natural order of things for bringing children into the world.

Having an abortion is something which family, friends and some counsellors will say to you is an ‘option’. It may be legal, but you will never be told of the full consequences when talking to many ‘advisors’.

How will I cope with being a mum?

Having a baby isn’t just about the practicalities of looking after a baby, providing for it and having somewhere to live. It is also about your emotions as a woman. Choosing to keep your baby is a very positive choice. Your baby will bring you fulfillment, joy and love as well as challenges and you will know in your heart that you have done a good thing for yourself and your child.

What about money or housing worries?

What you’re entitled to in terms of benefits depends on your circumstances; whether you are at school or at work; whether you live at home, on your own or with your partner. You can obtain information from www.dwp.gov.uk, the website for the Department for Work and Pensions that deals with benefits. Click on ‘people with children’ for leaflets relating to expecting a baby.